Expectation vs Reality

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I love Instagram... who doesn't. When you discover it, its like a never ending piece of string of amazing visual delights. I’m relatively new to Instagram as I never thought I had images that people wanted to see... and my original personal account is still used for competitions 😲 I'm still hesitant to share images of myself and my family. Why would people want to see us? Who are we?

Anyway, that all changed when I started my social media management business, at least from a business point of view. I started managing Facebook accounts; including ads, as well as Instagram, SnapChat, Pintrest, Twitter accounts for clients so they could focus on their zone of genius and I look after the social media admin for them... (that business is called GingerBlue Creative if you’re wondering!)

Midway through 2017 I decided to embark on this business venture to utilize my Social Media Management know how, the contacts I have formed, through some high level masterminds within Facebook advertising, and incorporate my passion for interiors. Setting Bailey&Rufus up has not been a walk in the park but I love Instagram now and can journey down the rabbit hole quite easily and happily on a daily basis!

Discovering the amazing small businesses and majorly talented creators on Instagram has been so enlightening and encouraging. I made the commitment to shop small for all Christmas gifts and it was such an awesome feeling to support businesses that all started like mine. 

As much as I love Instagram and love interiors and styling, it can sometimes get me down. I definitely do not have the bank roll to have all the amazing things I’d love to in my house and this is hard for me to vocalise as socially we can often associate material things with success or having our ‘shit together’. I don't like to show that we may not be in the best place financially, but there is definitely a need for more 'realness' in social media.

Rory's room is where I feel it the most. I feel like his room is one of those expectation vs reality images and he’s the reality side. He’s 2 and I know he doesn’t care, but I’m his mum and I want him to have the picture worthy room that I want (for him).

When I was pregnant with him we didn’t want to paint the nursery, as our place was relatively new, so I got some wall decals in a honeycomb formation and we put up some If you can’t be yourself, be Batman prints.

Since we moved (see previous post) I’ve just got the Batman prints up and the rug I purchased to cover his reflux vomit stains when we were selling our old place, as the only pieces of decor in his room. 

I really want him to have a space that is put together and special, magical even.

I guess I am just trying to balance wanting to support those brands that are supporting me, by being involved with Bailey&Rufus, and also remain budget conscious. I’m also wanting to ensure Rory knows that he doesn’t need things to make him happy. I need to focus on teaching him to find his joy within himself and the people he loves, and not filling his environment with "stuff" just to give him happiness.

Our plan is to move Rory into a different room if, God willing, we have another child, and so for the time being he will remain in his ‘before’ looking room... but watch this space 🙊

In my next blog I want to list some of the items I'd love for Rory's room, and I hope to list the providers for you... If you have any suggested providers let me know, I'm always keen to have more accounts to follow and drool over!


Gini xx


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