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2018 for Bailey&Rufus is a year of growth and transparency...

Starting the business in July in 2017 was a whirlwind and to be honest the focus was solely on making money. I don't think anyone would hold that against a small business, we all need to pay mortgages, feed our family, and are always hopeful to be able to splurge on life's little luxuries. 

The way I first approached my online business was gaining the largest profit margin and try not to think about the fact that I had no real idea about the manufacturing of the products themselves. Well I tried that, and right away I felt uneasy. It didn't sit well with me. It didn't fit with the way I shop myself, and it definitely didn't support how I wanted to fit into the online market.

So I ditched the crap (excuse me!) and have a clear message, outlook and ethos on what I want Bailey&Rufus to be... 100% Australian & New Zealand products and suppliers! 


So in the name of transparency and supporting local, here is the first interview with my Meet the Maker series of blogs.

Learn about the lovely, talented Aussie artist, Fern Siebler below... then check out her range of beautiful prints on our site... :)


Tell us about you and your business…

My name is Fern, I’m an artist and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. My little business was formed solely on my pure love of painting, art and design. 

I grew up in a small regional town in Victoria, and this has had a huge influence on me as a person and artist. It is where my passion for earth, the flow of nature and all things colour began. 

I trained as graphic designer and still work in this field part-time. Painting allows me a never-ending freedom and uncontrolled release, which is very different to the structure of graphic design.  

I am forever inspired by the fluidity and movement of nature and the earth surrounding me. I love to make time to spend outdoors admiring the little details of nature and gathering inspiration. The flow of the ocean, sunlight in the tall trees or the tiny little details of plants and flowers.

I work from my home studio and this is where you will find me most of the time, wearing my face-squishing respirator to protect me from the isopropyl fumes!


Where did the business name come from?

Simply my own name! Nothing more, nothing less.


What is the creative process behind your work?

This is a common question I get asked - but if I'm being honest I don't necessarily have a solid process. Sometimes you just have to let go and create from within, paint what you are feeling and what is speaking to you in the moment. 


How would you describe your style?

Definitely free flowing, full of love, soul and emotion.


Who are you influenced by?

I have always admired the work of artist Agnes Cecile from a young age. I also really love the work of Michelle Heslop and Jess Swan. 


Whats in store for 2018 for your business? 

Lots of painting, exploration, and a few other exciting things I can't wait to share! 

I have an upcoming exhibition in Warrandyte in March. One of my artworks has also been selected as a finalist for the Art Lovers Australia prize and will be off to Queensland for display!


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