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Tell us about you and your business…

Hi my name is Mel and I am a 30 something Wife and Mum of one beautiful 3yo girl. After deciding not to return to work at the end of Maternity Leave I started looking for something to ‘keep my brain working’. At the time Mishka & Co. was owned by a dear friend and I came on board to help her out. A short while later I was given the opportunity to take over the business, I absolutely loved working on the candles so I jumped at the chance! How could I not!! February now marks the One Year Anniversary of me owning Mishka & Co. and it was the best decision I made, for myself, and for my family.


Where did the business name come from?

When I took over the business I opted to keep the original name because I loved where it originated! Mishka was a girl... everyone loved her, everyone wanted to be her... but sadly she was taken too soon. Mishka & Co. is a tribute to a beautiful girl.


What is the creative process behind your work?

Everything starts with an idea, and I have so many of them popping into my head ALL.THE.TIME. Then it’s lots of research... I speak to a few close friends to bounce the ideas, spend countless hours trawling through Google, Pinterest, Instagram, to see what’s out there and how I can bring a point of difference with my products. I browse through trusted suppliers to see if it can all be possible (and viable!), then it starts! Each new product is then tested, tested, tested before being introduced. I know who my customers are and what they love so I try to keep a similar look and feel for the whole range.


How would you describe your style?

My style… Well, before Mishka & Co. came into my life I would have said I didn’t really have a style! But I have since discovered I love all things pretty, simplistic and elegant, and pink... I am loving all things soft, pale, blush pink right now with a little black thrown in to contrast.


Who are you influenced by?

There are so many amazing women in my life right now and that’s what keeps me moving forward. Some beautiful close friends who are incredibly strong, who know what they want and go for it. And I have met so many Boss Mamas in the business world who just make it look damn easy! All of these women are a huge inspiration to me and help me to strive to be the best that I possibly can.



Whats in store for 2018 for your business?

For 2018 expect to see lots of new exciting products! Some launching soon, some later in the year. You may also see some updates or changes to some existing products. And lots more collaborations!!

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