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This Meet the Maker blog post is with Cara, Chief Thang, Home Health Hacker and Pharmacist of Pure Home Body. She has taken, what we usually consider a chore and made it no longer a bore! Her passion to ensure people are living healthy non-toxic lives is contagious (no pun intended :) )

Being a mother of an asthma/allergy boy, I am conscious of when I clean and what with to minimise his exposure to toxins that should be avoided by ALL of us... I will be making the switch to Pure Home Body and supporting a talented Aussie Mumpreneur and business owner, and I urge you to aswell...

Lets learn more about Cara & Pure Home Body

Tell us about you and your business…

I’m your not so average Pharmacist, I love natural therapies and combining them with conventional medicine to help improve patient outcomes. I am passionate about people’s health journey and my low tox lifestyle range Pure Home Body started from a desire to help inspire people to look beyond diet and exercise and to start looking at their environment and how much this impacts their health. It was formulated based on my personal research into allergies, eczema, asthma and autoimmune diseases and their link with gut health and the immune system.

Where did the business name come from?

 Pure Home Body is a play on words really. I wanted a word that represented the term ‘neat’ meaning something in it’s purest form in pharmaceutical terms. I also wanted a word to represent the simplicity and low toxicity of the range. So ‘Pure’ was always a starting word in the brand name. Home Body came about as a play on the word ‘homebody’ meaning someone who loves their home. I myself am a true homebody. I love nothing more then spending time nurturing my sanctuary that my family come home to, relax and rejuvenate in. It also suited the fact that the range replaces the ‘home’ and ‘body’ basics in your home. Your everyday products that impact you more than the ‘once in a blue moon’ product. So Home Body is essentially a description for what I encourage with the product. It represents a love for your home, your sanctuary and what it has to offer you.  

What is the creative process behind your work?

Formulating is rewarding but it is also the most hardest part of the process. Because I only use plant based, low rated Environmental Working Group ingredients it is sometimes hard to find a formulation that works with the limited ingredient choice. As a result we don’t just launch to market. All products go through a 6 month testing phase with our clientele. We are very fortunate to have wonderful customers who take the time, trial the products and provide valuable feedback on our products so we can reformulate until it ticks all the boxes and can guarantee a product that delivers.

How would you describe your style?

The Pure Home Body style is clean, fresh and simple yet stylish. We go against the grain of your typical ecofriendly and health friendly product believing good for you should look good too. So no amber bottles, or green lid. The look represents its health care professional formulation, it’s science backed ingredients and our desire to fuse style with healthy range.  

Who are you influenced by?

I am influenced by a number of amazing people. First and foremost my mum. She’s a nurse, a hard worker and has taught me my work ethic and desire to inspire women to achieve. She’s worked all her life and juggled family like a superstar. Then there is Oprah Winfrey, she’s just the bomb…..really….is there anything else I need to say about her. I also am inspired by wonderful medical entrepreneurs like Dr Fiona Wood and Dr Charles Teo who everyday change the lives of people. These are the true super heroes who live amongst us.

Whats in store for 2018 for your business? 

Massive things, let’s start with the long awaited Baby Line set to launch in May this year. 2 new secret products in Spring, a Pure Lifestyle book and YouTube Channel to help further inspire healthier homes. We look to head over east to collaborate with more amazing brands and grow our tiny footprint in Australia.

We also aim to give back more. We have set global impact goals to reduce our recyclable plastic bottle use by 25%. This saw us launch the ‘Refill your Refill Program’. We also wish to partner with research into Asthma, Allergies and Eczema. This is what inspired the products and my own journey to living a less toxic, healthier and happier life.  

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  • A no fuss approach, I bet her Mum was the same. I love the fact environmental factors are important to her

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