Sharing our space with a 2 year old!

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My son Rory just turned two in December and since his birth our little family has been on a roller coaster of constant change.

Battling my Post Natal Depression, my husbands heavy work demands and living an hour from my family were the start. From there we have moved house three times and been in our current home for just over a year.

My husband and I have different outlooks on what a home is. For him it’s a place to rest his head, and something that can build equity. This comes from moving often as a kid (in the same area but just different houses). For me, until I got married I had only known one family home. Being the last kid to leave was almost permission for my parents to sell, but it broke my heart. I loved that house, but obviously moreso the memories and feelings that came with it.

When we sold our first place I wasn’t sad, it didn’t have a ‘home’ feel for me. I didn’t let it. My husband had made it clear it wasn’t where we intended to be for a long time. We sold and moved to my in laws (that’s another blog for another time 🙊) and when we were ready we started the house hunt.

I walked into this house and was sold. It got me. Hit me in the feels. I could see my little boy, our puppy and future kids (God willing) growing up and running around our backyard. My husband wanted to purchase a different property because of it making more financial sense, but I was able to sway him over to my decision and the last year is history. Lol.

We haven’t done any cosmetic changes as the house was renovated and we haven’t put our stamp on things because of the craziness of life, life with PND, family businesses, a child with intolerances, sleep issues and hearing issues have prohibited us from having a chance to evaluate how we want the place to feel. One thing I have been doing is growing my green thumb and I am LOVING it!

Just over a month ago the space pictured was purely functional. By functional I mean it was overrun by my cheeky little misters toys and books.

Thanks to my sister, and our latest rivalry around how many plants we each have (and how many constitutes a jungle), she gifted my husband and I three Boston Ferns from @hargravesnursery and one of them is this amazing Macho Boston Fern! *Macho macho fern... try not to sing it* The arrival of Mr Macho and his twin brothers sparked the pestering of my husband to find a way to get him up in the air. A few trips to bunnings, drilling into a roof joist and debating how far down he should hang, finally ended with the perfect addition of greenery into our lounge room.

Adding the wedding present from hubby to me, a giant metal ampersand, to our wall has now made my lounge room totally transformed from completely functional (aka kids space) to a space I’d be happy to sit in my favourite chair (inherited early from my parents) drink a coffee and listen to tunes!

Such a simple, inexpensive transformation has made a lounge overrun by one child’s ‘stuff’ into a transitional area that both adults and kids can enjoy! I’m starting to love this adulting stuff...

PS my sister is winning the rivalry... but not for long!

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