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Ok so I thought I’d do a quick light-hearted blog on my current top 5 lust have products from my range.

My faves are ever changing and I wouldn’t have products or suppliers on my site and promote to you all if I didn’t love them, want them myself, or want to see them in the homes of family and friends. 

So without further ado...


Midst by Fern Siebler

I absolutely love anything Fern produces.

aIl feel like her art has such connection to her heart and you can absolutely feel it. The synopsis for Midst says “in the middle of the storm, there is a soft and peaceful calm washing over you”. For me this resonates so much with my struggle with post natal depression and the print gives me a sense of releasing a deep breath!

If you love art with feeling, Fern is the artist you should have in your collection… Follow her on Instagram @fernsiebler


Deco Rate pot by Toast and Honey Studios

I love this pattern and I am a massive sucker for a fun name... deco rate get it decorate?

This pot, and the others within the Toast and Honey range are so beautifully finished and even when they arrive to your door you can feel the care that’s gone into packaging. I currently have two and a stand so I’m sure to add more this year, and if you read my previous post about the competition with my sister, I think we should add a category of gorgeous pots within our battle, because I would win!

Check out the full range on our website, and follow on Instagram @toastandhoneystudios


Rose Floral Hydration Mist by Peggy Sue Soaps

Gorgeously and lovingly created by an amazing entrepreneur. Imagery sells products and the range is totally lust have worthy even before you try the products.

I gifted this hydration mist to my sister for Christmas and I found it so difficult to wrap up and give to her, I just wanted to keep it all for myself. Beautiful packaging and amazing products.

Follow them @peggysuesoaps and check out their brand new men’s range @heyjudegrooming just as beautiful, just a little more masculine.


Floral Heart by TwentyOne Fifteen

I have never been a big fan of hearts but this one makes me want a daughter (only for a second) and to be a lot more of a girly girl myself.

It’s so gorgeous and I often wonder if my husband would mind if I put it on our bedroom door! Such amazing attention to detail and such a simple yet striking decorative piece for any space.

With many more decorative pieces within the range, there’s sure to be one that fits your taste… I basically want the whole range! Check out @twentyonefifteen



White Linen Sheet Set by The Foxes Den

This is absolute #lifegoals… To own some gorgeous crisp white linen bedding.

I am all about the wrinkles and love how inviting linen bedding is.

My aim is to be #adulting with this gorgeous linen by next Christmas, such a luxury and total necessity. When you sleep well, you live well! Check out @foxesden1 for their complete range.





Well that was fun for me to write out my list, I hope you love these as much as I do... My list also comes in handy as a checklist for hubby for gifts this year...

Gini xx


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