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Coffee Scrub

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This coffee scrub is bound together with coconut oil, shea butter, coffee grounds and coffee essential oil making it one of the best products you could ever use on your skin. Coffee essential oil is full of vitamin E, sterols and essential fatty acids. This oil has agents that dramatically and naturally tighten your skin, making it an amazing product for eliminating cellulite and also delays ageing. On top of all the benefits that go along with this scrub, it smells PHENOMENAL! The oils scent is often prescribed to help people dealing with stress anxiety and depression due to its natural mood boosting elements.



This scrub not only exfoliates but will leave your skin deeply moisturised and nourished as it feeds your skin a whole bunch of needed vitamins.

Ingredients list: raw sugar, coffee grounds, virgin coconut oil, raw shea butter, coffee essential oil.



Size: 250ml





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