Wiggle Ideas Box for Toddlers

The Idea Box Kids

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Indoor Active Play for Toddlers
Do you have a toddler that needs to work out their wiggles?
Of course you do! 

The Wiggle Box provides a creative (and secretly educational) way for your toddler to work out all of those wiggles that are trying to escape. 

Choose several coins from the box, put them in a sequence…and, start moving! The Wiggle Box will have your child doing all sorts of simple movements that cover both fine & gross motor skills along with a little balance & flexibility, memorization, and more. 

Change the sequence and do it all again…and, again. As many times as it takes to work out all of your child’s wiggles! Movements can be easily adjusted, simplified or adapted for wherever your child is at developmentally.

The best part is that the movements never get old...your toddler can do them over and over again and have a different experience every time! 

Here are just a few of the movements you will find in the box:
•Lay down & wiggle your body
•Reach up to the sky
•Wave your hands
•Climb over pillows

Have fun, feel good and give in to the wiggles!

AGES: 1-2
ACTIVITIES: 40 Fun, Wiggly Movements
COINS: 20 natural, chunky wood coins, each measuring 1.75 inches round & 3/16 inches thick

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