Poppin Bottles - Candle - Bailey&Rufus

Poppin Bottles - Candle

The Prospect Project

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Champagne & Strawberries

Time to turn up

Perfect for the times where you gotta pop bottles and dance on a table. Whether you’re giving the best gift in the world or just celebrating being a legend yourself, If you’re a baller, you’re gonna love this classy AF candle.

Word on the Street

“apparently it’s not the done thing to drink champagne before lunchtime. So I light this candle on my desk to smell the sweet scent of celebration and success!”@trainingforchocolate

“Burning champagne and strawberries transports me back to one of my fav seasons in the greatest movie ever made. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere at the Beverley Wilshire sitting on the carpet drinking champagne with luscious strawberries. The scent is soft and sexy. it smells like mood lighting with a little bit of playfulness on the side. Richard Gere in a suit…yes please.” @christy_jean

“Oh my gosh, these candles are everything! My house has never smelled so good. I have been burning one upstairs and one downstairs and they’re just amazing.” @kristie0911

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