Rose Floral Hydration Mist - Bailey&Rufus

Rose Floral Hydration Mist

Peggy Sue Soaps

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This Rose Floral hydration mist is AMAZING!



It is a preservative free, all-pure and all-natural hydrosol, obtained during the distillation of Rose essential Oil.



Rose is cool and soothing and is well known for its enhancing skin toning properties. It is recommended for all skin types, particularly problem, mature and sensitive skin.



Floral waters are beautifully refreshing and fragrant tonics to use on the skin after cleansing, or for a pick-me-up during the day. They containing amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and can help to minimise oiliness, refine open pores, and prevent future breakouts. They are so gentle and soothing yet so effective at keeping your skin looking and feeling its best.



Size: 100ml



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